We have two projects: One aimed from Spain and the other from Japan.
Crowdfund From Japan
Fun activities for everyone
In Matsuri, there is food stands to performances stages covering wide aspects of japanese cultrues. There is also, kids booths to welcome families and allow them to experience the traditional japanese festival enviornment for all ages.
Authentic Experience
Matsuri offers unique experienece for everyone. Especilaly, for the people living in Spain, no mattter if they are japanese or not, through cultural exchange in Matsuri, it provides authenitic experience of traditional japanese festival which is also diminishing in Japan as well.
10 Years History, Intercganfing in Barcelona
Since 2013, MATSURI always been a special event that connect two cultures, loal ones form Barcelona and from Japan. We started as a small event, but now with the help with the volunteers and the oragniaser, Asociaciñon Cultura Japonesa (ACJ), we have more thatn 30,000 visitors on Matsuri.